A Hanbali Epitome: The Student’s Guide

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This book is a translation of Mar’i b. Yusuf al-Karmi’s (d. 1033/1623) classical Ḥanbali law manual, Dalīl al-Ṭālib. In 1961 George M. Baroody translated the section of criminal law as part of a Masters’ thesis. The present work focuses on the sections of worship (ʿibādāt).

It clearly presents the rules and regulations the Muslim community requires for purification, prayer, charity, fasting, pilgrimage, and warfare. A lengthy introduction to Islamic law and the Ḥanbalī school has been included to prepare the readers. The language employed in the translation has been kept simple, straightforward, and modern to make the work accessible to everyone who speaks English – law student or otherwise.

This bilingual edition, with its parallel Arabic text, will allow readers to access the original Arabic and hopefully help with vocabulary building, oracy, and future translations. Muslims for many centuries have turned to Dalīl al-Ṭālib for study, and ultimately to be informed of their religious practices.

It is hoped the translation, The Student’s Guide, will produce a similar response and convey the spirit and manner of the original owing to its style and simplicity.

About The Author

Mar’i Ibn Yusuf al-Karmi (1033H), the insightful famous scholar, the author of many books, and one of the most distinguished Hanbali’s scholars.

He was a Faqih, Usuli, Mufassir, Muhaddith, Nahwi, with a broad understanding of jurisprudence, has full knowledge of Al-Ulum An-Naqliyyah and Al-Ulum Al-Aqliyyah and he has the upper hand in all the sciences. He acquired knowledge from scholar al-Mardawi (1026 AH) and Yahya Ibn Musa’ al-Hajjawi. His scholars then gave him the license to teach and narrate Islamic religious knowledge.

He was the top teacher in Al-Azhar Mosque he dedicated his entire time to learning, teaching and giving Fatwa, and writing and authentication. His books have become popular and a success. None of his numerous enemies could challenge his books or belittle them.

Ibn Humaid said:“He was a scholar, the most knowledgeable person, a researcher, an interpreter of the Qur’an, a narrator of Hadith, an Islamic jurist, al-Usuli, a grammarian and one of the most prominent Hanbalis in Egypt.”

Ibn Badran said:“One of the most prominent scholars of this doctrine in Egypt (i.e. the Hanbali Madhab).”

Abu Zayd said:“The scholar and an Islamic jurist.”

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