Arabic at Your Hands (Al-Arabiya Baynah Yadayk) With CD – العربية بين يديك

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A Series in Learning Arabic as a second or foreign language By Dr Abdul Rahman Ibn Ibrahim Af Fawzan, Dr Mukhtar Al-Tahir Hussain, Dr Muhammad Abdul Khaliq Muhamad Fadhl
Supervised By: Dr Mohammed Ibn Abdul Rahman Aal Shaikh

This series is designed for the non-Arab speaking, senior level student. With a collection of MP3 CDs, it helps the student learn Arabic through listening and conversation along with reading and writing. The series stresses communication and also offers glimpses into the Arabic culture, both Islamic and national.

Books include:

Level 1 – Book 1
Level 1 – Book 2
Level 2 – Book 1
Level 2 – Book 2
Level 3 – Book 1
Level 3 – Book 2
Level 4 – Book 1
Level 4 – Book 2

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