Mu’allim al Qirah al Arabiyah maa Qaidah Baghdadiyah (Paperback)

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Muallim al-Qira’at al-Arabiyah 
Ma’ Qaidah Baghdadiya
Lil Sighar al-Ummiyin al-A’ajim
​(Arabic Book)
By Mustafa Muhammad al-Jundi
Taqdim By Zakaria Husaini
Paperback 160 Pages
Publisher: Dar Makkah

About The Book

**This does not come with a CD**

Excellent comprehensive book to learn how to read easily the Arabic language. Arabic of Easy Qur’an Reading with Baghdadi Primer.

For teaching the Arabic alphabet, diacritics, and reading to beginners and non-Arabic speakers.

Popular book for learning how to read Qur’an based on Qaidah Baghdadiyah. It also incorporates Tajweed rules.

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