A Collection Of Treatises For Ahlus-Sunnah On How To Deal With The People Of Innovation – Sh Ubayd Al-Jabiree

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Innovations in the religion of Islaam pollute the true Islaam which is based upon the Qur’aan, the authentic Sunnah and upon the understanding of the Salaf, therefore, we present before you an important collection of four treatises of detailed answers of how the People of Sunnah deal with the people of Bida’.

The Shaykh refutes some very dangerous methodologies of the deviant sects. These guidelines layout the dealings of Ahl-us-Sunnah with the people of falsehood, and how to deal correctly with differences.

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Author - مؤلف الكتاب

Publisher - الناشر


Language - اللغة

English with little Arabic (Ayat & Ahadith)

Numer of pages - عدد الصفحات


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