An Explanation of the Three Fundamentals Principles of Islam – Ibn al-Uthaymeen

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An Explanation of the Three Fundamentals Principles of Islam by Muhammad Ibn al-Uthaymeen

This book is an explanation of the well known treatise “Usool ath-Thalaathah“ which outlines the fundamentals of the Religion, namely: Knowledge concerning Allaah, knowledge of the Religion with proofs, and knowledge concerning the Prophet (peace be upon him). Infact these are the three issues that all of us will be questioned about in the grave.
The author has given a comprehensive explanation of the three issues mentioned, along with other associated topics in a simple manner.
The information contained in this book is that which we all need to be aware of, as it will give us a good grounding in the Religion on the basis of correct knowledge. It would also serve as an excellent basis for a syllabus to teach to young Muslims and reverts to Islaam.

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