Knowledge and its effects on purifying souls by Abdul Razzaq al-Abbad al-Badr

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When one handles this significantly elaborate topic of soul purification and its aspects in light of verses and authentic aḥādīth, one deduces solid principles and comprehensive foundational rules that pave the way to purifying souls.

The most significant principle in this respect is that soul purification is a divine blessing. Allāh only sanctifies whom He wills. Allāh, the Almighty, says,


“Have you not seen those who claim sanctity for themselves? Nay, but Allāh sanctifies whom He pleases.” [Sūrah An-Nisā’ 4:49]


Allāh says,


 “And had it not been for the Grace of Allāh and His Mercy on you, not one of you would ever have been pure from sins. But Allāh purifies (guides to Islām) whom He wills, and Allāh is All-Hearer, All-Knower.” [Sūrah An-Nūr 24:21]


Allāh also says,

 “They regard as a favor upon you (O Muḥammad) that they have embraced Islām. Say: ‘Count not your Islām as a favor to me. Nay, but Allāh has conferred a favor upon you, that He has guided you to the Faith if you indeed are true.’” [Sūrah Al-Hujurāt 49:17]

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